Add-ons extend the functionality of Kubernetes.

This page lists some of the available add-ons and links to their respective installation instructions.

Add-ons in each section are sorted alphabetically - the ordering does not imply any preferential status.

Networking and Network Policy

  • Calico is a secure L3 networking and network policy provider.
  • Canal unites Flannel and Calico, providing networking and network policy.
  • Cilium is a L3 network and network policy plugin that can enforce HTTP/API/L7 policies transparently. Both routing and overlay/encapsulation mode are supported.
  • Contiv provides configurable networking (native L3 using BGP, overlay using vxlan, classic L2, and Cisco-SDN/ACI) for various use cases and a rich policy framework. Contiv project is fully open sourced. The installer provides both kubeadm and non-kubeadm based installation options.
  • Flannel is an overlay network provider that can be used with Kubernetes.
  • Romana is a Layer 3 networking solution for pod networks that also supports the NetworkPolicy API. Kubeadm add-on installation details available here.
  • Weave Net provides networking and network policy, will carry on working on both sides of a network partition, and does not require an external database.

Visualization & Control

  • Dashboard is a dashboard web interface for Kubernetes.
  • Weave Scope is a tool for graphically visualizing your containers, pods, services etc. Use it in conjunction with a Weave Cloud account or host the UI yourself.

Legacy Add-ons

There are several other add-ons documented in the deprecated cluster/addons directory.

Well-maintained ones should be linked to here. PRs welcome!