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Kubernetes documentation can help you set up Kubernetes, learn about the system, or get your applications and workloads running on Kubernetes. To learn the basics of what Kubernetes is and how it works, read "What is Kubernetes".

Interactive Tutorial

The Kubernetes Basics interactive tutorial lets you try out Kubernetes right out of your web browser, using a virtual terminal. Learn about the Kubernetes system and deploy, expose, scale, and upgrade a containerized application in just a few minutes.

Installing/Setting Up Kubernetes

Picking the Right Solution can help you get a Kubernetes cluster up and running, either for local development, or on your cloud provider of choice.

Other/newer ways to set up a Kubernetes cluster include:

Guides, Tutorials, Tasks, and Concepts

The Kubernetes documentation contains a number of resources to help you understand and work with Kubernetes.

  • Guides provides documentation for Kubernetes features as well as administering and spinning up clusters, including usage examples.
  • Tutorials contain detailed walkthroughs of the Kubernetes workflow.
  • Tasks contain step-by-step instructions for common Kubernetes tasks.
  • Concepts provide a deep understanding of how Kubernetes works.

API and Command References

The reference documentation provides complete information on the Kubernetes APIs and the kubectl command-line interface.


The tools page contains a list of native and third-party tools for Kubernetes.

Frequently Asked Questions