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Sometimes things go wrong. This guide is aimed at making them right. It has two sections:

You should also check the known issues for the release you're using.

Getting help

If your problem isn't answered by any of the guides above, there are variety of ways for you to get help from the Kubernetes team.


If you aren't familiar with it, many of your questions may be answered by the user guide.

We also have a number of FAQ pages:

You may also find the Stack Overflow topics relevant:

Help! My question isn't covered! I need help now!

Stack Overflow

Someone else from the community may have already asked a similar question or may be able to help with your problem. The Kubernetes team will also monitor posts tagged Kubernetes. If there aren't any existing questions that help, please ask a new one!


The Kubernetes team hangs out on Slack in the #kubernetes-users channel. You can participate in discussion with the Kubernetes team here. Slack requires registration, but the Kubernetes team is open invitation to anyone to register here. Feel free to come and ask any and all questions.

Once registered, browse the growing list of channels for various subjects of interest. For example, people new to Kubernetes may also want to join the #kubernetes-novice channel. As another example, developers should join the #kubernetes-dev channel.

There are also many country specific/local language channels. Feel free to join these channels for localized support and info:

  • France: #fr-users, #fr-events
  • Germany: #de-users, #de-events
  • Japan: #jp-users, #jp-events

Mailing List

The Kubernetes / Google Container Engine mailing list is kubernetes-users@googlegroups.com

Bugs and Feature requests

If you have what looks like a bug, or you would like to make a feature request, please use the Github issue tracking system.

Before you file an issue, please search existing issues to see if your issue is already covered.

If filing a bug, please include detailed information about how to reproduce the problem, such as:

  • Kubernetes version: kubectl version
  • Cloud provider, OS distro, network configuration, and Docker version
  • Steps to reproduce the problem